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Tally Ho



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    Bea Luna img 5

    A place to watch sport, eat and drink with friends. The service is superb, the place has plenty of screens to enjoy any sport without distraction. The food is exquisite, the Cheese Bruschetta is glorious, super creamy and exquisite. And the prices are super good for eating and drinking. A place to come back infinite times ✨✨✨

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    Harley Biker 007 img 5

    It's clean but a wee bit quite when I went there for lunch with an old colleague of mine. We had fish & chips and scampi. Both served hot and delicious. I had G&T, 2 for 1 cocktail and my ex-colleague had her house white. It is totally vfm and would definitely go back for more. I think the place has been cleaned as the tables, chairs and even the floor is 'not sticky'. So all you locals, do go there for your meals and drinks and judge for yourself as to vfm, quality of food and the staff. I was there in 21.12.2022 at around 12:45 pm. Thank you staff for your service.

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    Ela Wysocka img 5

    Very good atmosphere. Amazing food, especially the crispy battermilk pork belly and chicken tikka. Thank you Heidi!! All the bar staff who served us today were so welcoming and helpful. Thank you Angel, Charlotte and Amy.

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    Charlotte img 5

    Love the history of the pub still in the Center of Finchley. The pub is so much better now than when it was a Wetherspoon’s.. The management and staff are much more welcoming and friendly now days. The drinks and food are also better Quality and more variety on offer. There is also a better atmosphere with entertainment and events. I particularly enjoyed the baby Guinness drink on St Patrick’s day ☘️ ???????? Cheers ????

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    Lee Snowe img 5

    The food was really nice I like the fact the burger buns were buttered Also a tv in booths Great Value for money