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M H Costa Construction Ltd



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    Catherine Finkernagel img 5

    Finkernagel Ross have been fortunate enough to collaborate with MH Costa on several high-end residential projects and it has always been a pleasure to not only work with them but to consider them part of the team. They are responsive, polite, professional and operate with integrity. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services.

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    James Rakoczi img 1

    No respect for neighbours. Loud drilling/sawing/hammering noises from 8am-6pm Monday-Saturday which has been going on for months and will be going on for months. Ignoring and dismissing my concerns when I call, email and visit. Brickwork & rubble falling into living room on my side of house through chimney and when I've pointed this out I'm told I'm lying about it. Don't have much left to say except I think they are a cruel company & that they have deeply impacted my mental health.

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    Hugo Ferreira img 5

    Good Jobs

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    Tom Bradley img 4

    Good building work

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    libertario Costa img 5